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This place is a MUST visit if you recently got engaged and are planning a wedding. My Bride and I searched dozens of reception venues it seemed until we found this place and immediately fell in love with setting. Lucky for us is was also in our price range. It is beautifully landscaped with a deck that has a perfect view of lake, trees and golf course. The amenities and service were all top notch from the food (which is by far the best from any wedding venue I’ve been to) to the small details like having employees shuttle guests from the parking lot to the reception hall. The food was our favorite part of planning as we had multiple tastings at Bel-Wood where the chef talked directly to us. It has a good feeling like a family run business, the owner of the whole country club actually sat down with us at one of our meetings. I cannot say enough about how impressed we were with Sadie as well. Our original coordinator left a few weeks prior to our wedding and Sadie came in, and to say the wedding didn’t miss a step is an understatement. She was responsive and it was a pleasure to work with her and seemed like she had been at Bel-Wood for decades with how well prepared she was. I would recommend this venue over any other reception hall in the Cincinnati/Dayton metros. I promise you will be told that your reception is absolutely beautiful and that you will not be disappointed.

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