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I cannot say enough about Bel-wood. My husband and I wanted to have an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception, not many places were fitting the bill for us. Too expensive, not our style, etc. When we went to Bel-wood we fell in love with the grounds. It was beautiful, had everything we needed, all inclusive packages, and it had a day of coordinator basically built in! We signed a contract last May (2015) for a wedding this October (2016), and this past April I got an email from a new coordinator saying the last person had already vacated the job and she would be working with us now. I was very nervous about this, the coordinator is one of the major reasons we had went with Bel-wood. After one meeting, however, it was apparent that the new coordinator Sadie was going to be the best thing to happen to our wedding. She was super responsive, and always helpful going above and beyond. In the end we ended up feeling that we not only ended up at the perfect venue, but also lucked into the perfect event coordinator as well.

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